Designing a Future of Work for Women

Women are an essential part of our past, present, and future. Hack the Hood was founded by three women, and we are a women-led organization. Our mission is to connect Black, Latinx, and Indigenous communities to identity-affirming careers, which requires care and inclusion. In fact, over half of our students identify as women. This is why Hack the Hood is deeply invested in supporting the group often most impacted by systemic inequities: women of color.

Technology has radically transformed our lives and is so central to building and shaping our futures, but is not grounded in care and inclusion. How do we change that? How do we impact the systems and infrastructures to say to women, “You belong here. You are welcome here?”

As we think about these women and what their professional futures might be after the pandemic, we are also thinking about the young women learning through a pandemic — what will their contributions be to the world?

We aim to support Black, Latinx, and Indigenous women for the future work. Today on International Women’s Day, we invite you to consider ways we can make a difference in designing a future of work for women locally, nationally, and globally.



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